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Don’t Be Mythed... Get The Facts

March 3, 2012 (NAPS)—Myths, false information and folklore have created confusion about things that affect decisions in our daily live. more »»

Do you know where your house is wasting water?

March 2, 2012 (NAPS)—Did you know that, across the country, leaks account for more than one trillion gallons of water wasted each year? That’s enough water annually to supply Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorad... more »»

The Highs And Lows Of Caring For Children With Diabetes

March 1, 2012 (NAPS)—Approximately 1.2 million people in the U.S. live with Type 1 diabetes. more »»

Plant The Seeds Of Better Health This Spring With Your Favorite Activity

February 29, 2012 (NAPS)—With the long winter months’ end in sight and the renewal of spring approaching, you are probably thinking of spring cleaning, spring planting and all the outdoor activities that you have not... more »»

Doctors Request Medicare Cover Lifesaving Test

February 28, 2012 (NAPS)—A new, less invasive way to screen for colorectal cancer could help save thousands of lives—if more people could access it. more »»

What’s New In One-Of-A Kind Vacations

February 27, 2012 (NAPS)—If you’re looking for an out-of-the-ordinary vacation, consider these attractions: an innovative roller coaster, a 72-foot-tall balloon, plus Hollywood stars in wax and a salute to the Titanic. more »»

Celebrate Spring With An Easy Ham Meal

February 26, 2012 (NAPS)—Any way you slice it, preparing a delicious and memorable ham dinner for Easter and other spring celebrations just got a lot easier. more »»

American Diabetes Association Offers Online Resource For Healthy Eating

February 25, 2012 (NAPS)—Eating right helps with weight loss, managing diabetes and preventing the development of type 2 diabetes. But making healthy choices can be challenging. more »»

Budget Checkup: 5 Tips To Fine-Tune Your Finances

February 24, 2012 (NAPS)—With a new year in full swing, self-evaluation is likely a common theme in many U.S. households. more »»

Transform Photos Into Amazing Videos While On The Go

February 23, 2012 (NAPS)—Parties, holidays, trips and even everyday moments—you’ve collected hundreds of photos on your iPhone, but what do you do with them? Now there is an easy way to transform all those photos int... more »»

Dress Up Your Diet With Delicious Dressings And Mayonnaise

February 22, 2012 (NAPS)—Eating a more nutritious diet and maintaining a healthy weight may have more to do with what you add to your daily routine than what you subtrac. more »»

Taking Your Skills With You

February 21, 2012 (NAPS)—If you think your work skills are only useful at your current job, think again. more »»

Sweet Ways To?Celebrate The Season

February 20, 2012 (NAPS)—A delightful way for your family to greet the end of ­winter can be by getting together and baking up tasty treats that signify renewal, such as Sweet Chicks and Bird’s Nest Coffee Cake: ... more »»

Preparing Your Home For Puppy Love

February 19, 2012 (NAPS)—Loyal and lovable, dogs make exceptional friends and family pets, but there are a few things to consider before bringing one home. more »»

New Mobile App Lets Users Call And Text Worldwide For Free

February 18, 2012 (NAPS)—There’s good news for iPhone® and Android™ users—a new mobile app provides free calling and texting between users worldwide. more »»

Dining Delightfully—For Less

February 17, 2012 (NAPS)—Here’s food for thought for many families for whom the idea of great dining has been wiped away by an uncertain economy: You can still get a taste of the good lif. more »»

Spaying and Neutering is a Win Win “Fix” for Pets and People

February 16, 2012 (NAPS)—Pet owners can help put an end to a sad situation: Each year, thousands of kittens and puppies wind up in shelters as a result of accidental litters from pets that are not spayed or neutered. more »»

Kick Bad Food Habits

February 15, 2012 (NAPS)—Here’s a surprising fact: Not only do drugs and alcohol alter your brain chemistry in ways willpower can’t control, but so does the wrong foo. more »»

Reducing Surgery Risks

February 14, 2012 (NAPS)—Obesity takes the blame for many of today’s health issues, and here’s a new one: Being extremely overweight can raise the risk of complications from anesthesia, according to the American... more »»

Tips For Making Smart Financial Decisions In 2012

February 13, 2012 (NAPS)—Although tough economic times have taken a toll on many Americans in recent years, making sound financial decisions can help you weather financial storms. more »»



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